“Bringing passion to facing a challenge is the first step to success.”

Gabriele Benedetti, Founder GSG

Giving a boost to Italian-made quality

With 40 years of experience in the metalworking and mechanical engineering sector, our company philosophy has always been focused on constant technological development at the service of the end user. We invest commitment and passion in the search for the most advantageous, competitive technical and cost-effective solutions for each individual customer, aiming to establish a close cooperative relationship every step of the way.

ISO 9001

“Excellence is all about a passion for detail.”

Giacomo Lerario, Head of Production

We support the weakest.

We are firmly convinced that it is our duty to support victims of injustice and those experiencing situations of particular difficulty. This is why a commitment to solidarity is an important aspect of the company’s mission. Offering a helping hand to those really in need is the first step towards re-establishing a proper balance, towards fighting scourges such as poverty and illiteracy and setting in motion a “virtuous circle” mechanism.

Onlus Mariana