“Skill and experience are essential. Technology is our added value.”

Daniele Zanella, Head of the Technical and Quality Office

Offer us a particular challenge.

The exceptionally versatile machinery at our disposal makes us competitive in all sectors of the metalworking and mechanical engineering industry, allowing us to take on highly customised projects. Each aspect of the production chain is handled based on the requests and needs of the customer, partly thanks to our in-house technical office. This guarantees the extremely high quality that is the hallmark of all our processes and products.

Products manufactured include: Ovens, Industrial Cleaning equipment, Pellet Heaters, products in the electrical and high speed sectors, etc.

Take a step into our world. Take a look at what we do for our customers every day. Discover our company philosophy and work ethic, which are all about developing projects and products shaped to meet the needs of each individual customer.