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Completed project: 15 November 2023

How we handle your order


For customers with repetitive items we can guarantee, in our warehouse, a minimum stock of the most frequently rotated codes.
Let's see in detail how this service works.


STEP 1 The customer shares with GSG the annual and monthly volumes of the codes to be produced: together they establish what the monthly reorder lot will be and what the minimum stock always present in the warehouse must be.
STEP 2 The customer sends an "open" order with the total quantities of the codes to be produced in stock for each item.
STEP 3 and 4 GSG takes action to produce the items included in the "open" order in order to store a minimum safety stock in the dedicated warehouse.
STEP 5 The customer sends the necessary requirements by means of "recall orders", respecting the previously agreed packaging quantities.
STEP 6 and 7 GSG undertakes to deliver the material within one working week using the material available in stock.



  • Certain delivery times;
  • Management of rapid advance requests thanks to the minimum warehouse stock;
  • More stable prices: by fixing the production of an item for several months we are able to work with our suppliers to obtain more stable prices;
  • Better product quality: by having time to manage production we are also able to guarantee better workmanship.


Some customers do not have such extensive visibility of the products and we can decide to manage stocks only for a couple of months or only the supply of raw materials.





“Traditional” sending of the order. The customer sends an order which is analyzed and dated depending on the complexity of the item and the space available in production. For this type of collaboration we guarantee a Customer Service service to know the production progress of the requested codes. To provide a finished product to the customer, our supply chain is able to manage various surface treatments, including cataphoresis, painting, galvanizing, polishing, etc...

To see all the steps of order management read the dedicated article