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Completed project: 15 June 2023

Interview with Bruno: one of GSG's first collaborators!

On the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the birth of GSG we interviewed one of the company's historic collaborators. Bruno, whom we all love very much, is a special person with whom we share values ​​and the great desire to offer high-level workmanship to our partners.


Hi Bruno, GSG has just turned 50. You were one of the first to join the GSG team. Tell us what GSG means to you today.

Gsg is constant growth. I have been working in this company for 30 years and at the time it was almost all manual, I am very happy because we have new machinery that allows us to work better and with much less effort!

I find myself in a company that keeps up with the times and invests in the most cutting-edge technologies and this makes me very enthusiastic!


Now let's take a leap into the past and talk about when you arrived in Italy and were looking for your first job, tell us what the meeting with the Benedetti family was like:

I am moved to think of that moment... I arrived in Italy in 1987, and then in 1990 from Calabria I moved to the province of Verona to make strawberry boxes.

In 1991 I met Gabriele Benedetti and it was love at first sight! I was his first worker: at the time the company was called MCM and it was in the center of Cadidavid and I worked as a welder.

Then we moved to the current warehouse which before GSG was a fruit and vegetable warehouse: we cleaned everything and then purchased the first laser cutter. I learned to use it to the point that it turned into a real passion! Today I still do this job with the same dedication.



In these 30 years of GSG you have witnessed the development that the company has had, tell us how you have experienced this growth:

I really like the way GSG has implemented this growth: in small steps and steadily. Our customers have grown and we have had the opportunity to improve ourselves more and more.
As I was saying, we have invested a lot in technology. I've known Gianpaolo since he was little and I saw this growth first and foremost in him! He is a good entrepreneur, he takes risks, throws himself headlong into what he does and at the same time takes care of the people who contribute to the growth of the company.

Bruno and Giampaolo


Gianpaolo often quotes your words “Everything will be fine” tell us where these simple words come from.

In the early days I worked a lot, day and night: I repeated this phrase on bad days, or when I made mistakes. I kept repeating to myself “with patience and consistency I will improve!” and then EVERYTHING WILL BE GOOD!

Is there a pleasant memory you have of GSG?

I have many photos of GSG, I often compare them to see the changes made over the years! I like doing it because you realize how passion drives you to always move forward and constantly innovate!

GSG early 90s

GSG year 2021 (laser cutting department)

Old GSG sign



How do you see the future of GSG?

If we continue at this rate we will have to open another GSG as soon as possible!😊

Jokes aside, if we continue at this rate it will certainly grow and become structured and will be able to offer other families and people the opportunity to realize their desires through work.