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Completed project: 15 November 2023

Interview with Loris: continuous improvement

In this article we interview Loris. It deals with continuous improvement. With the following questions we will clarify who he is, what his role is and what projects he is developing.


1.Hi Loris, what do you do at GSG?

Hi Valeria, I deal with... well actually many things! All with the orientation towards activities that concern improvement; improvement not only in the production processes but also in the management and organizational processes, identifying needs and areas for improvement, then formulating proposals with improvement actions.
I have a transversal approach to almost all company processes with a greater focus on the operations area but also on the technical and organizational ones, addressing issues of ordinary management and of a strategic nature.

The aim is to support the various functions: there is no direct responsibility, I am not a general manager; I work, as a senior figure, transversally to provide support to the various company functions and to carry out this role various skills of a technical, managerial, interpersonal relationship and, above all, tools for managing problem solving are needed.


2. Now let's take a step back and tell us about your background: the skills you have acquired and your career path.

I am 56 years old. I started working at a very young age and, for many years, I was a student worker. I graduated as an industrial expert with a mechanical focus, at the ITIS “A.Rossi” in Vicenza; I attended university at the faculty of mechanical engineering and subsequently management engineering, but I did not finish my studies.
In the work areas in which I have worked, I have acquired various qualifications that certify specific professional skills: I have an International Welding Inspector title recognized at an international level with regards to process management, joint design and control of welding activities. Almost all of my professional career has taken place in the metalworking and welded construction industry: the welding process has always accompanied me since the beginning of my professional career.

In this last year, I have obtained the Lean Six Sigma, Green Belt certification, for the acquisition of problem solving techniques through the application of LEAN 6 SIGMA tools: all this to have a structured approach to problem solving, for the reduction of waste and for the stabilization of process variability with the aid of statistical and management tools.

As regards my professional path, for the last 25 years, I have worked in a multinational industrial group in the east of Verona, where I held roles as operations manager in one of the various divisions of the Company.

For further information on the “Lean Six Sigma” certification


3. What projects are you developing at GSG in this period?

I have been working at GSG for 9 months and in this period I have mainly been involved in providing support to the various functions by promoting the culture of sharing. Weekly we organize the interfunctional meeting with the department managers: it is a meeting that has the purpose of breaking down the walls that arise around the various functions. During these meetings, problems, priorities and actions to be taken are shared: in this way everyone is informed and has a complete vision of the company processes and each of those present is also involved to provide support where necessary.

This meeting promotes a conscious vision of what the company priorities are and promotes the value of taking care of the collective interest rather than the interest of the function.


In this last period I am also managing the transition phases of new production spaces acquired by the company within which reorganizations and new industrializations are being planned.


4. They say that the first impression is the one that counts. What did you think of GSG when you first joined?

Since I came into contact with GSG, seeing how the company was organized and communicating with the management during the first interviews, I created an image of this company and when I joined it, the image I had fact was totally confirmed: attention to values ​​and personal relationships; attention to the technological growth of production plants and training of people; management method based on planning and management control.

I had perceived all this and all this occurred in reality in a very TRANSPARENT way.


5. How do you see the future of GSG?

This organization is led by an intrepid and enlightened entrepreneur: he has courage and is determined in the actions he has considered beforehand; He has a clear vision of the company's future. It is a reality that does not move on the basis of a state of mind but on the basis of a project. The business plan is a fundamental tool: IT GUIDES THE FUTURE OF THE COMPANY. The high propensity for technological development and the growth and support of its human resources can only project it into a profitable future for the business but also for professional opportunities.
This company has had the courage to equip itself with very young management: this exposes the lack of experience and this is why senior figures have been brought in, like mine, who support the young people who are brilliant and capable here, with a lot of good will and with the physiological value of youth: "that's so cool!" (there's a lot of breath).

This company is in growing progression and with this guidance and management it can face the next twenty years with confidence!