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Completed project: 15 November 2023

The evolutionary path of GSG

In this article we tell the story of GSG's evolutionary path: from when it was founded until today. To receive a free copy of the book, fill out the form at the bottom of the page. Enjoy the reading!

Gabriele Benedetti today


Mr. Gabriele Benedetti together with his cousin Giuseppe have been working as welders for some years. Their employer, a company specializing in the construction of ovens, asks if anyone feels like working "from home". The two cousins ​​then decide to buy an old warehouse in the center of Cadidavid and start this new adventure.


In that year Sergio, Gabriele's brother, joined the company.

Sergio Benedetti today


Giuseppe's son Gianfranco joins the company. Thus was born GSG metallic carpentry from the initial of the name of the 3 partners (Gabriele, Sergio, Gianfranco). Gianfranco, being the youngest, takes on the role of administrator.


Purchase of the first machine for laser cutting of steel sheets: an investment at the limit of its possibilities for GSG at the time, in fact before this moment the company only dealt with the welding and creation of products. This investment marked the turning point from artisanal processing to more industrial processing in the field of sheet metal processing.


GSG is growing strongly: thanks to the purchase of the laser cutting machine and other investments in both equipment and human resources, it acquires important customers, who are still our partners today. In 2003 the transition to srl took place.


The management of the company passes to Gabriele's sons: Gianpaolo and Simone. 2007 was also the year of the economic crisis but thanks to the commitment and passion of the two brothers and all the staff, GSG's growth increased rapidly.

Gianpaolo Benedetti today


Expansion of the production area bringing the covered area to 6000m2.


New technological investments such as the purchase of the punching machine, fiber laser and automatic panel bender. In this way, the direction of the company is increasingly moving towards industrial automation.


Purchase of tube laser: with the purchase of this system, GSG is becoming increasingly equipped in the sheet metal and tube processing sector.


Renewal of the bending layout where there are: 7 manual machines 4 robotic systems 1 panel bender For further information on the bending department read the article: THE GSG BENDING DEPARTMENT