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Completed project: 24 August 2023

The importance of order management: how we operate at GSG

The process that takes place from the reception of an order to its fulfillment sometimes remains unclear, especially when preparing to rely on a new supplier. For this reason we have decided to expose our order management model in this article.

At the basis of the entire procedure there is a value that is fundamental in GSG: the centrality of the customer.

All the steps and the teams involved in them are oriented to guarantee client companies the best possible customer experience, guaranteeing the best possible assistance and flexibility, at all times.



The first phase upon receiving an order is that relating to the insertion of the latter into the management system, this step is entrusted to the commercial back office.

Each code has its own registry in which all the construction drawings are attached so that they can be used during the process. Both the customer coding and the internal coding which reports the revision of the article are managed within the database.

This allows us to intercept every revision change and avoid incorrect productions.

EX: CODE_01 where _01 indicates the revision of the code to be produced



Once the order has been placed, an assessment of the available production capacity and verification of the stock of materials are carried out. For orders of items for which stock management has been agreed, the fulfillment order is sent directly to the warehouse to prepare the material.

This process is highly appreciated by our customers as it allows them to:

  • Reduce procurement times;
  • Avoid stock in your warehouse.



Once dated, the order is returned to the commercial back office which takes care of validating the reported prices.

Prices that have an ad hoc price list within the management system are automatically validated based on the order history and batch. Changes in revisions or special requests are priced, depending on the situation, by the sales management.

At this point, after having carried out all the checks, the order confirmation is sent to the customer reporting the confirmed dates and the updated price.



The actual development process that will lead to the creation of the requested item begins in this phase, where the transition to the technical office takes place.

The technicians proceed with the generation of the lists and production cycles, also attaching the phase drawings used in the downstream and upstream processes to the registry.

The launch of production will then involve resources and materials and will communicate the work list automatically to the cutting Cad-Cams of the plants.



The work lists generated by the technical office are at this point scheduled by the cutting Cad-Cam which will insert them into the nesting in such a way as to optimize the components.

Subsequently, the entire process is monitored through the recording of times carried out via barcodes present along the processing cycle.

Another key aspect is that relating to quality control, a fundamental element to guarantee maximum precision of the final product; this control is carried out at every stage through a sampling plan shared with all operators.



Through production cycle surveys, the customer has the opportunity to know the progress of the order at any time. This information is monitored by our customer service, a person dedicated to our customers as the sole contact person for managing the order.

She will also be responsible for managing all requests for advances and postponements, collaborating closely with production and the other teams.



Once the production cycle is completed, the material is taken over by the warehouse which takes care of the set-up and preparation for shipment.

Finally, together with customer service, the weekly delivery plan is planned in order to satisfy customer needs and respect confirmed dates.


It seems clear that the order management process in GSG is characterized by a strong synergy between all the functions that place the customer's needs at the centre.

Every team and person who takes part in order fulfillment is critical to the success of our client's customer experience.