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We explore the fundamental elements that guide our working philosophy, outlining the principles that inspire us and the practices we adopt to guarantee quality, efficiency and satisfaction in our services.

Through a combination of commitment, innovation and attention to detail, our approach to work translates into tangible results and lasting relationships. Discover how our distinctive method guides us in realizing your expectations and how we work tirelessly to overcome challenges, grow and constantly improve. Welcome to the heart of our commitment to excellence.

We ensure excellence at every step: our Quality Department

GSG is synonymous with qualitative excellence in every product and service. Our Quality Department, the core of our mission, supervises every phase of the production process, ensuring compliance and excellence through rigorous controls and constant dialogue with customers, promoting a philosophy of continuous improvement and transparency.

Collaborative innovation:
Tailored co-design

We believe that the best results come from collaboration. Co-design at GSG is not just a service but a real experience, where clients are actively involved, ensuring that every detail reflects expectations and objectives, creating synergies that lead to exceptional results and mutual competitive advantage.

Software and agile planning for industrialization

Using advanced 2D and 3D software and flexible, customized planning methods, we manage orders with meticulous attention to every detail and delivery time. Software solutions and our specialized tools allow us to ensure precision, detail, and superior quality in finished products.

Satisfaction guaranteed with
personalized Customer Service

Our dedicated and personalized customer service ensures support and timely solutions to every request. Every customer is precious, every request is handled with care, and satisfaction is our priority, offering a service that extends from updating the progress of deliveries to managing advances and postponements with the utmost attention and respect.

Optimized inventory management: the ideal solution for our customers

Our stock management service is designed to offer multiple advantages to customers who require repetitive items: from certain delivery times, thanks to the minimum stock in our warehouse, to rapid management of requests for advance payments, more stable quotations and better product quality , ensuring production always meets expectations.

Reliable deliveries with GSG's fleet of company vehicles

With a modern and efficient fleet of company vehicles, GSG guarantees reliable and timely deliveries, bringing our products directly to your headquarters.

Management of forecast orders


The customer shares with GSG the annual and monthly volumes of the codes to be produced and together they establish what the reorder batch will be.

Sending open order

The customer sends the "open" order from which to take the agreed collection lots.

Supply chain

Supply chain is activated to coordinate the arrival of the material and the putting into production of the stocks


The ready material is stored in the dedicated warehouse

Recall order

The customer sends the recall order and the requested material is prepared for fulfillment


Delivery of the material to the customer.

Customer sourcing

The customer receives the requested material a few days after sending the recall order.