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We are much more than a sheet metal manufacturing plant. We are a team that believes in the power of emotions and the value of artisanal work. Every single sheet metal we create represents a piece of art that expresses our dedication and commitment to perfection.

Spontaneous application

Are you attracted by the precision and versatility of mechanical manufacturing?
Do you want to join a close-knit team? We welcome spontaneous applications for which we ask you to indicate your area of ​​interest, upload your CV and send us your application to be part of our rapidly expanding reality!
We are waiting for you.

Five core values ​​of GSG

Get results

Promote trust

Continuous improvement


Act with enthusiasm

What makes it special is our culture

We value and respect each individual, recognizing that diverse perspectives and experiences enrich our work environment. We promote a climate of trust, transparency and collaboration, where every voice is heard and considered.
We are committed to creating an inclusive environment that supports the personal and professional development of each member of our team. From supporting employee well-being to creating growth opportunities, our company culture is based on the premise that investing in people is the key to collective success. The satisfaction and fulfillment of our collaborators are fundamental to our path towards corporate excellence.

Health and well-being at work:
A shared responsibility

We promote a healthy balance between work and personal life, recognizing the importance of a healthy and sustainable working environment. We organize meetings with professionals through which we provide practical tools to promote a healthy lifestyle, manage stress and promote mental and emotional well-being. We believe that investing in the health and well-being of our employees not only contributes to their individual success, but is also fundamental to the success and growth of the company as a whole.

Our people are at the center

GSG promotes numerous corporate outdoor activities as immersive outdoor experiences designed to strengthen the bond between team members and improve collaboration. These activities may include hiking, cycling, outdoor sports or team building sessions. The goal is to encourage communication, foster knowledge between colleagues, trust and cooperation between participants while enjoying moments of leisure and connection with nature.